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Bisley Innerspace is a modular mobile shelving solution that is sleek, smooth, and maintenance free.  Bisley Innerspace is the only mobile shelving system specifically developed for both the front and back end of any workplace, combining superior engineering with quality design.

Whatever the space or storage requirement, Bisley Innerspace sits on a height adjustable floating floor, making it ideal on uneven flooring or mezzanine floors. Advanced tracked design for hassle free operation is complemented with a built-in anti-tilt and brake button for safety. Unbroken lines, ergonomically-designed foldaway handles and a silent, belt-driven mechanism makes Innerspace a neutral and efficient choice of secure mobile storage for any office or industrial workspace. It’s also adaptable and therefore a future-proof/sustainable solution. 

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What is Mobile Shelving?

Mobile shelving is a perfect solution for inventory control of tools, engineering components and small part storage. It also works ideally within the office space for filing and archiving. Mobile shelving can reduce storage costs, reduce running costs and free up floor space.

Mobile shelving is a practical solution for high density filing, archiving, component and small part storage. Mobile shelving increases storage capacity in any office or industrial workspace by up to 100%, freeing up valuable floor space. File and content retrieval is quick and easy, accommodating everything from roll-out filing frames to media drawers and reference shelves

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What Are The Options?

Innerspace is available in footprints to suit all types of environments. Unit widths range from 600mm to 1200mm. Various heights are available, and bays come in both single and double depths. It is possible to configure up to six units together at once without compromising on space or operation.

A built in anti-tilt mechanism between track and the mobile unit negates the need for permanent fixings of any kind, either to the walls or floors. Most mobile shelving is installed using permanent fixings but Innerspace can be lifted up and rebuilt anywhere else in the workspace, making it the most adaptable mobile storage solution. 

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How is Innerspace Specified?

Bisley Innerspace mobile shelving is a bespoke service. All Bisley Innerspace projects are surveyed, designed, and installed pain free by our design and installation team.

Bisley has designed special software that enables us to specify the Innerspace unit that meets your exact storage needs. CAD drawings help to visualize how a system will fit into your workspace and will ensure that the right solution, based on your choice of tool, component, or file storage and the available floor space, is fitted.

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Innerspace Mobile Shelving.

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