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Bisley ToolStor - Professional Tool Storage Range

The Bisley ToolStorTM range is the ultimate in professional tool storage for your industrial workspace. Our heavy-duty industrial manufactured products include tool cabinets, tool chests, wall cabinets, cupboards, workbenches and mobile storage.

Bisley ToolStor - Professional Workshop Storage

The Bisley ToolStorTM range of heavy-duty tool storage has been designed in recognition of the demanding activities that are undertaken in an industrial workplace. As the leading European manufacturer of tool storage, our comprehensive and professional range of tool cabinets, tool chests, workshop cupboards and mobile storage offers the very best of high-end specifications and heavy-duty industrial build quality. Bisley tool storage products provide you with a professional and organised answer to tooling and component storage, while our bespoke approach allows you to maximise space in your workshop. Bisley ToolStorTM products are suitable for all industrial workplace environments making it the best storage option for your business. 

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Integrated System & Modular Sizes

Bisley ToolStorTM modular sizing is central to the comprehensive range of tool cabinets and cupboards. The variety of related sizes, colours and drawer configurations allows tailored flexibility to all products, either as a complete integrated system or as a stand alone unit.

Bisley ToolStor Modular Sizes

Bisley ToolStor'sTM tailored approach is central to the comprehensive range of tool cabinets and cupboards. All of the Bisley ToolStor range, from drawer cabinets and cupboards to workbenches and mobile storage, can be manufactured in a variety of sizes, colours and drawer or cupboard configurations with a diverse range of worktops and accessories making the product bespoke to your individual needs. All Bisley ToolStor products can function as a standalone unit or work together to form part of an integrated professional tool storage system, enabling you to easily expand or modify your workspace to cope with fluctuating demands. Future ToolStor expansion is seamless without compromising the professional functionality or integrated appearance of your existing workspace.

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Ergonomically Designed & Precision Manufactured

The Bisley ToolStorTM tool storage range has been manufactured in the UK with heavy duty industrial standards in mind. Using our advanced robotic machinery, our products are precision manufactured to give a consistent high standard of quality.

Bisley Cabinet Precision Manufacturing

The Bisley ToolStorTM tool storage range is precision manufactured in the UK to heavy duty industrial standards using our advanced robotic machinery which guarantees a consistently high level of quality. Our drawers and cabinets offer a 80kg uniformly distributed load (UDL) capacity while our cupboards boast a 1,000kg uniformly distributed load (UDL) capacity to cater for your every storage need from hand tools, accessories and small component storage to heavyweight parts and major tools storage. Once built and quality control checked all our Bisley ToolStor products are finished in a hardwearing matte textured powder coat. This scratch resistant finish is well suited to industrial workplace products and complements your workspace’s professional appearance. 

Bisley ToolStorTM products are also designed to support the user’s wellbeing and make the products easy to use. Our mobile tool cabinets and static workshop cupboards boast uniquely-designed push-to-shut paddle action handles which provide an ergonomic opening and closing solution. Our drawers have full-width ergonomic handles, together with a wide anodised push handle, which enhances the accessibility of drawer content, ergonomics and mobility. 

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Proven Quality & Trouble Free 10 Year Guarantee

Bisley ToolStorTM products have been designed and built to last a lifetime of rigorous and trouble-free industrial use. Supporting high load drawer and worktop capacities, all ToolStor products are quality control checked and supported with 10-year guarantee.

Bisley 10 Year Guarantee

We employ the most advanced manufacturing processes for steel storage in Europe, with processes including in-house tool making, computer-aided design, precision folding, turret pressing, laser cutting and fully-automated powder paint plants. Our proven commitment to product quality is achieved through rigorous product testing and quality control checks at every stage of the product build. Our 80kg capacity drawer slides, 170kg capacity castors, 1,000kg top load capacity cupboards and our unbeatable anti-tilt locking mechanisms are just some examples of functionality which is analysed 364 days of the year in our robotic testing facility. The result is manufacturing excellence and a guaranteed long lifecycle.

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