Tool Foam Control

What is Tool Foam Control

Tool control using foam inserts is an efficient way to ensure safety, productivity and ultimately cost savings. Tool foam is a highly effective method to instantly count and control the use of tools in the workspace where tool control is vital for safety and security.

Organised tool storage and control foam boards are a cost-effective solution for safety and security for tools and expensive components. Tool foam INSERTS help avoid loss and theft of tools, and helps determine if tools have been returned to their correct storage position. Within the aerospace, automobile and manufacturing industry, tool foam inserts help ensure that tools are accounted for, and not left within an aircraft, vehicle, or machine creating potential for foreign object damage.

What are the Options?

All Bisley tool foam boards are custom designed to suit a variety of applications and cut to meet the individual needs of the client. We can design and supply foam boards for the entire range of Bisley ToolStor products, or to fit third party equipment.

Produced from closed cell foam, Bisley tool foam inserts can be supplied in a variety of colour formats. We are able to make custom foam inserts to suit military, medical, automotive, mechanical, food production, pharmaceutical and precision engineering industries. Tool foam inserts can be designed from client supplied CAD layouts, or by sending your tools directly to Bisley for profiling, or by profiling on-site by a Bisley design engineer.

Tool Foam Control.

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