Bisley ‘steel’ the show at To–Ta Classics, home of Car SOS

Bisley ‘steel’ the show at To–Ta Classics, home of Car SOS

No mechanic would be without his tools and the Bisley team have made sure that the To-Ta Classics restoration crew keep theirs safe and organised, by providing the home of Car SOS with ToolStor drawer cabinets, mobile tool cabinets, pedestals and cupboards

Broadcast in 200 television territories, Car SOS is watched by a staggering 120 million viewers around the world. Presented by Tim Shaw and Fuzz Townshend the show follows a formula of rescuing much loved classic cars from deterioration with the aid of a specialist team of skilled mechanics, before returning them to their surprised, damp eyed owners.

Fuzz Townsend, co-host and lead mechanic on the show, says of the new storage:
“We needed efficient storage, so Bisley provided us with ToolStor and the transformation to our workshop has been outstanding. Customers are now greeted with a smart and orderly workshop, which gives them the confidence to leave their valuable classic cars with us. Bisley has exceeded our expectations and their products have made a real difference to our business.” 

The Bisley ToolStor range of heavy duty tool storage has been designed for the demanding applications that are undertaken within the industrial workplace. Bisley’s comprehensive and professional range of tool cabinets, cupboards and mobile storage offer the very best of high-end specifications and heavy duty industrial build quality. They provide workshops with a professional and organised answer to tooling and component storage, whilst also utilising the maximum space available in any workshop through the tailored options available.

Once built and quality control checked all Bisley ToolStor products are finished in a hardwearing scratch resistant matte textured powder coat.

Damon Edhouse, the Business Development Manager of the Bisley industrial storage line:
“Car SOS is quickly becoming THE recognised car programme, so we’re very lucky to make a regular appearance on the show with To-Ta Classics and I’m excited about the recognition that accompanies it. It’s like no other car repair programme, as they do something special for people who have suffered difficult circumstances. We are delighted to support a show that is not only fun to watch, but makes such a difference in the lives of others.”

You can enjoy the winning combination of classic cars at To-Ta Classics and Bisley’s classic steel storage pieces in the new series of Car SOS on the National Geographic Channel from Thursday 18th of May at 8pm.

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