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Bisley Partner Programs - Working With Resellers & Affiliates

Bisley’s ToolStorTM range for of industrial workshop storage is available to order through our one of authorised sales partners. For more information or to talk to us about becoming a authorised reseller, please give us a call.

Bisley ToolStor Programs

As a European manufacturer we have the ability to offer a high end industrial product with a corporate level of marketing support. Our digital marketing support alone includes online media, product information, press releases, product photography and digital catalogues. These examples are just some efforts from Bisley available to our authorised resellers and affiliate partners to help you promote the Bisley ToolStorTM range to your customers.

We acknowledge that the more information and media we can supply you to promote our products, the better understanding your customer will gain in determining the real high quality of our industrial products. With a continually expanding range of industrial steel storage, we want to enable you as an authorised resellers to achieve higher volume of sales quickly and easily and be partner to what has become a globally recognised brand.

We are currently seeking resellers with an experience in high volume sales, web sales and project sales within workshop and industrial markets. If you believe your business applies, please click here.

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