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Bisley recognises that all manufacturing has an effect on the environment and we do everything possible to reduce that impact. Our investment in plant and machinery has had a positive impact on the efficient production of our products; state-of-the-art machinery has reduced waste, improved quality and increased safety. All steel off-cuts and other scrap metal is recycled and manufacturing waste by-products disposed of by licensed contractors. Our factory is constructed from materials that conserve energy and reduce sound emissions.

As a centre of manufacturing and environmental excellence, we take a long-term, sustainable and partnership approach to our business.

Bisley Industrial Storage Ltd complies with the requirements of ISO:14001:2004

Our Environmental Objectives & Targets

Reducing stack emissions
Reducing waster from production processes
Conserving energy
Recycling waste and other products, wherever possible
Raising suppliers' awareness of the environmental impact throughout the supply chain
Minimising nusiance and disturbance to our neighbours

Bisley will comply with the minimum relevant environmental legislation and will work towards stringent controls that exceed this minimum in anticipation of the future introduction of more rigorous legal requirments.

Our environmental policy is understood by our employees and is available for viewing in the the Reception areas of all our premises as well as this website.

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