Bisley ToolStor Heavy Duty 40 x No.4 Louvre Bin Cupboard - 2000H x 1000W - 4 x Louvre Panels - BIS404299W

  • Order Ref/Product Code: BIS404299W
  • 40 x No.4 Industrial Plastic Bins
  • 4 x Full Width Louvre Bin Panels
  • Ideal for Component & Small Part Storage
  • Push-to-Shut 3 Point Slam Bolt & Paddle Action Handle
  • Mountable on 4 x Heavy Duty Adjustable Feet
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  • Gentian Blue (RAL5010)
  • Crimson Red (RAL3004)
  • Light Grey (RAL7035)
  • Anthracite Dark Grey (RAL7016)
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Bisley ToolStor 40 x No.4 Louvre Panel Bin Cupboard - BIS404299W - Overview:

Bisley Workshop presents our ToolStor heavy duty 40 x no.4 louvre bin cupboard. This BIS404299W panel cupboard has 4 double skin louvre panels covering the full rear of the carcass as well as having perforated panels lining the heavy duty reinforced steel doors. The 2000Hmm x 1000Wmm x 550Dmm carcass size makes this cupboard ideal for your large components or small part storage by using 40 x No.4 plastic bins. This cupboard makes your contents organised and quick to hand for your desired application.

The 4 rear louvre panels support 40 x No.4 industrial plastic storage bins that are made of acid, oil and solvent proof high density Polyethylene. These open fronted bins are a simple and effective solution for organising your large components or small part storage. They and can be stacked on top of each other or hung on louvre panels using the moulded in rear lip. The smooth thermoplastic inner walls make them easy to clean.

The versatility of this BIS404299W louvre panel cupboard means it can be used in your workshop as a single storage unit or as part of an integrated storage solution with other ToolStor cabinets, cupboards and worktops. The well engineered and attractive design creates a high end professional workshop system that enhances user ergonomics and content security. Retrofitting components can be added internally at any point. Thereby allowing you to modify or tailor your cupboard to your workshop or individual storage requirements.

Louvre Panel Cupboard Carcass:

This well-engineered full louvre panel bin cupboard has overall external dimensions of 2000Hmm x 1000Wmm x 550Dmm. The laser cut and robotically assembled carcass is made using high grade cold rolled mild steel to meet the heavy duty and industrial workplace standards. Each industrial reinforced door is hung from the steel carcass using 3 heavy duty steel hinges. Each hinge provides the door with 180 degree swing motion.

This cupboard can support a top load of 1000kg (UDL). A 25mm internal pitch system within each corner of the 2000Hmm x 1000Wmm x 550Dmm cupboard supports all internal components.

All front corners and edges on the 2000Hmm x 1000Wmm x 550Dmm carcass are fully welded then grinded down before powder coating. This creates a flush and solid appearance whilst also providing the workshop cupboard with greater strength and structural integrity. 20.3mm thick front mouldings are constructed 5mm thicker than that of competing industrial cupboards. Heavy duty side walls provide strength and protection from side on impacts and house the industrial doors.

A 1.2mm top and base panel increases the stability, whilst the reinforced base and base struts provide superior strength and structural integrity to the cupboards carcass. The BIS404299W strong reinforced base allows the cupboard to have adjustable feet (included). These are ideal for workshop installations or for when a floor is not completely level.

Paddle Handle Locking Mechanism:

Incorporated into the distinct door profile of this full louvre panel bin cupboard, is our patented paddle handle and spring loaded, 3 point slam bolt locking arrangement. The uniquely designed paddle handle provides an ergonomic opening and closing solution, whilst the 3 heavy duty door latches promote a Push-to-Shut action. These patented features allow you to open the door and push it shut with little effort required.

By replacing the traditional 3 point locking pins with slam bolt door latches, the fiddly function of lining up the pins with their relative carcass holes is no longer an issue. Subsequently the combination of the locking mechanism and the ergonomic paddle handle makes this cupboard appropriate for use under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.

Distinct ToolStor Profile:

As part of the ToolStor range, this BIS404299W cupboard features a distinctive and attractive roll formed profile that provides the range with a recognisable identity when used as either a single storage unit or as part of an integrated storage solution. This profile brings a well-engineered and modern design to a new evolution of tool storage cupboards. The rolled formed profile has a technical function by providing a protective steel channel in which the patented locking mechanism is situated.

Textured Powder Coat Finish:

The 2000Hmm x 1000Wmm x 550Dmm workshop cupboard carcass is finished in a hard wearing RAL7035 light grey textured powder coat. This high quality Bisley finish completes the cupboards internal and external surfaces. The doors are available in Gentian blue (RAL5010), Crimson red (RAL3004), light grey (RAL7035) or Anthracite grey (RAL7016). The colour distinction between carcass, door and paddle handle creates a smart, contemporary and ergonomic appearance suitable for any workshop or industrial workspace. The choice of colours allow you to select one that best reflects your workspace or your approach to business.

Colour Lead Times:

BIS404299W.50 - Gentian Blue (RAL5010): 15 - 20 Working Days

BIS404299W.30 - Crimson Red (RAL3004): 15 - 20 Working Days

BIS404299W.75 - Light Grey (RAL7035): 15 - 20 Working Days

BIS404299W.70 - Anthracite Grey (RAL7016): 15 - 20 Working Days

Additional Information

Product Code BIS404299W
Weight (Kg) 109.0000
Base Static Adjustable Feet
Overall Dimensions 2000H x 1000W x 550Dmm
Carcass Dimensions 2000H x 1000W x 550Dmm
Carcass U.D.L 1000kg
Number of Shelves 0
Shelf Capacity U.D.L No
Number of Drawers No
Drawer Config: No
Drawer Capacity U.D.L No
Internal Drawer Dimensions No
Combined Drawer Height No
Rear Louvre Panels 4
Rear Perforated Panels No
No. of Plastic Bins 40 x No.4
Door Lining Reinforcing Perforated Tool Panel
Worktop No
Locking Mechanism Propriatry Paddle Handle & 3 Point Latch Lock
Number of Keys 2
Delivery Time Delivered in 15 - 20 Working Days
Volumetric Cube 2.05m3
Free Delivery Yes

Bisley ToolStor Heavy Duty 40 x No.4 Louvre Bin Cupboard - 2000H x 1000W - 4 x Louvre Panels - BIS404299W.

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  • Model: BIS404299W
Bisley ToolStor Heavy Duty 40 x No.4 Louvre Bin Cupboard - 2000H x 1000W x 550Dmm - Gentian Blue (RAL5010) - BIS404299W.50

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