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ToolStor Workshop Cupboards - Overview

Bisley ToolStor workshop cupboards offer a uniquely designed and well engineered storage solution for the professional workplace. Our industrial workshop cupboards come in several modular sizes and a wide range of tailored internal configurations.

Bisley ToolStor Cupboard Overview

The modular and related external dimensions provides Bisley cupboards the ability to be combined or integrated with any other ToolStor workshop drawer cabinets or cupboard, whilst still offering the flexibility and comprehensive range of our internal configurations.

All Bisley ToolStor workshop cupboards are heavy duty yet smart and attractive in their industrial design. The use of small part storage bins, 80kg capacity galvanised drawers, 40mm worktops and perforated panels tool help maximise the cupboards storage capacity without compromising the robust reinforced steel housing.

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Wide Range of Internal Configurations

Bisley ToolStor cupboards offers versatility to workshop storage and provides you with a multitude of internal configurations. The internal 25mm pitch allows accessories to be rearranged or retrofitted at any point in the cupboards life span.

Bisley ToolStor Cupboard Configurations

The vast range of internal cupboard configurations categorises our ToolStor cupboards into bin cupboards, shelving cupboards, tool cupboards, mini workshop cupboards and kitted cupboards. The wide range of cupboard categories makes it easier for you to find a cupboard configuration that meets your industrial storage requirements.

Bisley ToolStor cupboards can be customised and fitted with various layouts of drawers, shelves, perforated panels, louvre panels, plastic storage bins and worktops at any point in the cupboards life span.

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Standard & Heavy Duty Industrial Doors

Bisley ToolStor workshop cupboards have industrial designed doors that are available as standard or heavy duty, depending on there intended use. All our workshop cupboard doors feature our unique 3 point "Push-to-Shut" paddle action door handle and lock.

Bisley Workshop ToolStor Cupboard Doors

ToolStor's heavy duty cupboard doors incorporate an additional perforated tool panel that reinforces the door, provides complete content security and offers additional tool hanging storage. Our heavy duty cupboard doors are ideal forheavy industrial working environments.

Our standard industrial duty doors are a thicker and well engineered durable door compared to the industry standard. Our standard duty doors are lighter by design than our heavy duty doors but still incorporate the same tough reinforcing stability. This makes them ideal for our 350mm deep cupboards as it provides the same level of external security as our heavy duty doors.

All our doors feature our attractive roll formed profile on the front of the cupboard which also acts as a channel to house our proprietary “push-to-shut” paddle handle.

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Heavy Duty Fully Welded Carcass

Bisley ToolStor cupboards are centred on an industrial and modular carcass sizing system. Fully welded corners and thicker steel sides provide drawer protection from side on impacts and also helps support a top load capacity of 600kg U.D.L. 

Bisley ToolStor fully welded carcass

All Bisley workshop cupboards are manufactured using high grade steel which is then robotically assembled and welded. The result is a range of high end industrial cupboards that are ready for a heavy duty environment.

ToolStor workshop cupboards have 20.3mm front mouldings and fully welded flush corners. This gives the cupboards greater structural integrity and a solid appearance. As seen with our drawer cabinets, a 1.2mm top and base panel increases the cupboards overall stability and strength.

Fully welded base struts provide the cupboards uprights and side panel assembly greater rigidity and structural integrity while also providing the ability to retrofit adjustable feet for uneven floor surfaces. As well as having adjustable feet to raise the unit of the ground, all Bisley workshop cupboards have a protective galvanised coating on the base that prevents corrosion from damp workshop floors.

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Workshop Cupboards.

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