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Bisley ToolStor Tool Cabinets - Overview

Bisley ToolStorTM tool cabinets are a versatile and professional storage system for your tools and components. Our tool cabinet's come in a variety of modular sizes, colours and drawer configurations to suit your desired workplace application.

Bisley ToolStor - Professional Workshop Storage

Bisley ToolStorTM tool cabinets are modern and ergonomically designed workshop drawer units. Heavy duty galvanised drawers and 80kg U.D.L capacity telescopic slides ensure a smooth opening and closing performance even when fully laden. Each category of tool cabinet is available in a wide range of carcass sizes, drawer heights, drawer configurations and colour options. The wide choice available helps you select a tool cabinet that best suits your workshop application or storage needs. Bisley ToolStorTM tool cabinets can work either as a stand alone cabinet or part of an integrated tool storage system or fitted workshop.

All our tool cabinets can be retrofitted with a variety of readily available accessories, such as castors and worktops, allowing you to tailor your chosen cabinet to your application. A variety of internal drawer accessories make our tool cabinets ideal for loose tools, fixed tools, small part storage and component assembly storage.

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Heavy Duty 80kg Capacity Galvanised Drawers

Bisley tool cabinets feature heavy duty and scuff resistant galvanised drawers. Each drawer is fitted with a pair of 80kg U.D.L capacity telescopic drawer slides. These industrial 19mm ball bearing slides provide 100% drawer pull out extension.

Bisley ToolStor Galvanised Drawers

Each of the heavy duty, scuff resistant, high galvanised steel drawers, has an 80kg uniformly distributed load (UDL) capacity and are mounted on a pair of telescopic industrial 19mm ball bearing slides that support 100 per cent pull extension even when fully laden. They offer a smooth, noise free and low friction opening and closing action that cannot be compromised or jammed from side impacts even when fully laden.

The 75mm high drawer is ideal for small part component storage and small to medium-sized hand tools; the 125mm high drawer is designed for large component storage and medium to large hand tools and 175mm heights are perfect for large tools, accessories, storage boxes and power tools. Full-width aluminum drawer handles enhances the accessibility of drawer content, and provide ease of use. Bisley ToolStorTM galvanised drawers have 10 per cent more storage efficiency than the industrial standard.

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Industrial & Robust Carcass Construction

Bisley tool cabinets are centred on an industrial and modular carcass sizing system. Fully-welded corners and thicker steel sides provide drawer protection from side on impacts and also help to support a 1,000kg uniformly distributed load (UDL) top load capacity.

Bisley Cabinet Robust Carcass

Bisley’s reinforced tool cabinets are made using 1.2mm industrial grade cold rolled steel which is laser cut and robotically welded on our advanced production line. Our tool cabinets have a stronger and thicker dressed front moulding of 20.3mm, compared to the industrial standard of 15mm. This provides an extra level of protection to the internal galvanised drawers and telescopic slides.

All Bisley tool cabinets have fully welded flush corners, as opposed to folded sheet metal. This provides increased structural integrity and protection to the top side of the tool cabinet and the wide range of drawer configurations. Our fully-welded corners also give the cabinet a solid appearance and a superb high end finish once painted. A 1.2mm thick top and base panel increases the carcass’s overall stability and strength. Pre-punched holes on the top side of the carcass allow you to retrofit any one of our industrial worktops.

Our fully-welded, reinforced and mobile-ready base struts give structural integrity to the uprights and side panel assembly and provide the ability to retrofit adjustable feet or heavy duty rubber castors. Heavy duty adjustable feet ensure perfect cabinet levelling, especially when part of a project installation or when combined with our 40mm industrial worktops.

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Combined Anti-Tilt & Central Locking System

Bisley tool cabinets feature our unbeatable anti-tilt mechanism and central locking system. This provides content security when locked and operator safety by preventing more than one drawer being opened at any one time when in use.

Bisley Workshop Anti Tilt Mechanism

The integrated heavy duty central locking system guarantees complete cabinet safety and content security within the workshop. Meanwhile the anti-tilt mechanism provides a single drawer blocking system that ensures only one drawer can be opened at a time, thus preventing the possibility of the cabinet tipping forward ensuring your people’s safety. The whole arrangement is developed to be fool proof and protected within a welded channel within the rear of the carcass.

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