Bisley Workshop Buyers Guide: Tool Cabinets

Bisley Buyers Guide: Tool Cabinets

Tool Cabinet Definition – “A cupboard or box with drawers or shelves for storing or displaying tools”

Searching the internet for your ideal tool cabinet would provide you with an extensive list of visually similar products. The pages and pages red, black or blue rectangular cabinets with their full width ergonomic handles that don’t provide you with much distinction between what is capable of holding 10 spanners or 100 spanners. The term “Tool Cabinet” itself suggests to a person that every product you see is capable of industrial storage due to the nature of the items being stored. However, although visually similar in appearance, tool cabinets come in a variety of sizes, materials and build quality. The correct tool cabinet for you will depend on your workplace and the demanding applications you will be undertaking.

The saying “you get what you pay for” is a true representation for any steel storage product. Therefore when deciding on your ideal tool cabinet, you must first decide on:

What you will be storing?
How much weight will you be storing in each drawer?
How often you will be opening each drawer to get to your tools?

Light Duty Tool Cabinets

Price Range: £30 – £299:

The light gauge low cost tool cabinets provide a low weight capacity, light use solution seen in many domestic /garage environments. These tool cabinets can be picked up from you local home store or automotive retailer for next to nothing. They are ideal for light weight tools where there is a light to medium cabinet drawer usage . Their affordability makes them ideal for maximising domestic storage at a low cost. However the lighter and less resilient components provide a shorter life span, with the components usually being the first to fail before any deterioration of the cabinet’s steel carcass. A safety catch built into each handrail prevents the drawer from accidentally opening. However a lack of anti-tilt mechanism does not stop the cabinet tipping over if more than one drawer is open.

Heavy Duty Tool Cabinets

Price Range: £299 – £1200

These types of heavy duty tool cabinets are commonly manufactured in the UK and Europe with high gauge cold rolled steel of 0.9 or higher.  They provide ultimate strength and structural integrity that can last a lifetime. They are machine cut and are assembled on a robotic production line.

The industrial design and manufacturing process of these tool cabinets provides a heavy duty storage solution with the benefits of hard wearing and well thought out components. These provide a much more robust and long life storage solution for the industrial workplace. Heavy duty tool cabinets are manufactured using well engineered components, that have usually been design specifically for the range tool cabinets. Some examples include a central locking mechanism and unbeatable anti-tilt system. Many features such as 80kg capacity galvanised drawers and 80,000 open cycle action slides, are just some of the standard features you will find in most industrial tool cabinets.

Quality control on a high end, heavy duty cabinet is usually a well reviewed process prior to the customer receiving their product. Many finishes that are commonly seen on a high end tool cabinets include a scratch resistant matte textured powdercoat, anodised, brushed or galvanised steel.

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Bisley Buyers Guide: Tool Cabinets

Bisley Buyers Guide: Tool Cabinets

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