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l Worktops

l Product Specifications


Multiplex Worktop

Beech Worktop

ESD Laminate Worktop

Lino Worktop

Stainless Steel Clad

Rubber Tray Top

A tough and resistant general duty 40mm worktop. This

resin-bonded beech plywood worktop is layered and has

cross-laminated construction.

A high load-bearing 40mm solid beech worktop that is resistant

to water, oils, acids and chemicals.

An impact resistant and easy-to-clean, 40mm worktop with

a conductive core and laminate surfaces. ABS anti-static edging

finishes off this worktop.

Easily-maintained worktop with a resistance to water, oils, acid

and chemicals. A combination of 38mm particle board core and

a 2mm grey linoleum surface creates a durable worktop. Plastic

edging finishes the product.

A heavy duty worktop made from a 38mm particle board with

1.2mm stainless steel cladding on the surface and edges. This

worktop is ideal for mechanical, engineering and

industrial applications.

An anti-roll off steel tray top with four raised sides. A 3mm thick

fluted rubber mat is inserted within the steel tray to provide grip

to items placed on top.